Growing Forward 2 - Assurance Systems

Food Safety Self-Assessment for Producers

These self-assessments will help producers determine gaps that exist in their facility from a food safety perspective. Identified gaps will inform your action plan.

Self-assessments are available for the following topics:

  • Worker practices - worker and visitor hygiene practice
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing - cleaning and sanitation procedures, preoperational inspection
  • Water - treatment, testing and monitoring of water used for irrigation, flume/dump tanks and cleaning
  • Soil amendments - purchase, handling and storage of manure, compost and compost tea
  • Pest Control, Building Maintenance and Access - development, implementation and monitoring of pest control programs, controlling pests and visitors
  • Recall and Traceability - development of a recall program, conducting a mock recall, development and testing of a traceability system
  • Validation - obtaining scientific evidence that practices and control measures are capable of controlling food safety hazards (e.g. validating a sanitation program is effective to reduce microbial load).

To obtain a copy of the Self-Assessment send an email to or call 1-877-424-1300


Author: Food Safety and Traceability Programs Branch
Creation Date: 06 June 2013
Last Reviewed: 20 January 2016