Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs July 2014

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs: Honourable Jeff Leal
OMAFRA Classified Agencies
Parliamentary Assistant: Arthur Potts

Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs: Deb Stark
Communications Branch: Diane Gumbs
Chief Information Officer, Land and Resources IT Cluster ***: John DiMarco
Legal Services*: Jane Mallen

Research & Corporate Services Division: Rena Hubers (A)
Business Services Branch: Shelley Gibson
Business Planning & Financial Management Branch: Lee-Ann Walker
Research & Innovation Branch: Mike Toombs
Strategic Business Unit: Alan Hogan
Horse Racing: Gwen McBride
Audit Services Branch **: Nancy Lavoie
Secretary to the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission: Rob Gamble (A)

Food Safety & Environment Division: Deb Sikora
Food Safety & Traceability Programs Branch: George McCaw (A)
Food Inspection Branch: Gavin Downing
Environmental Management Branch: Jim Richardson
Animal Health & Welfare Branch - Office of the Chief Veterinarian of Ontario: Dr. Greg Douglas

Economic Development Division: George Borovilos (A)
Agriculture Development Branch: Aileen MacNeil
Business Development Branch: Alan Crawley (A)
Rural Programs Branch: Brent Kennedy (A)
Regional Economic Development Branch: Gary McTavish (A)

Policy Division: Phil Malcolmson
Farm Finance Branch: David Hagarty
Economic Development Policy Branch: Thom Hagerty
Food Safety & Environmental Policy Branch: Sharon Bailey
Strategic Policy Branch: Brendan McKay
Rural Affairs Branch: Scott Duff (A)

(A) Acting
*Legal Services provided by the Ministry of Attorney General
**Audit Services provided by the Ministry of Finance
***IT Services provided by the Land and Resources Cluster

Published Results-Based Plan 2014-15