Starting a Farm in Ontario - Business Information Bundle for New Farmers

Ways for a New Farm to Sell its Products

Marketing Boards

Some products produced in Ontario (for example chicken, eggs, grains, milk.) are governed by marketing boards that engage in promotion, marketing activities and research activities for producers. In many cases, they also negotiate prices and/or contracts between processors and individual farmers. The production and marketing of some products are also controlled by a quota system.

The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC) is accountable for the marketing boards.

Direct Marketing

If the sale of your product is not regulated by a marketing board, you may sell your product through some form of direct marketing. Common ways of doing this are through roadside stands or stores, pick-your-own enterprises, farmers' markets, urban stores, and direct ordering by consumers to name just a few.

Direct Farm Marketing Resources

Marketing and Value Added Ventures

Take what you already produce on your farm and create a new product or service to add to your business's bottom line. Learn how from successful farmers who did it and complete training that will guide you through the process. Beyond Production Agriculture Business Information Bundle.

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