New Apple Cultivars: Cameo

Cameo Variety

Formerly called Carousel, this chance seedling was found in Wenatchee, WA. Fruits are shaped like Delicious with a red stripe over a yellow-light green undercolour. Fruit is medium to large, uniform in size and typiness, and have a long storage ability. Flavour is judged as being faintly sweet/tart with a good eating quality.

Fruit is consistent and trees require two pickings. Cameo sets heavily.

The trees are vigorous and precocious. Biennial bearing can be a problem if trees are not thinned. Cameo is considered to be a good bearer with the trees' growth habit being friendly.

Bitter pit has also been observed. Susceptible to mildew and fire blight.

Cameo is harvested with Golden Delicious.

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Author: Original Author: Ken Wilson - formerly with OMAFRA; Reviewed by John Gardner - Apple Specialist/OMAFRA
Creation Date:
15 June 2001
Last Reviewed:
15 November 2005