New Apple Cultivars: Chinook

Chinook Variety

Originally tested as (8S-27-51). Parentage is Splendour X Gala from the breeding program at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre - Summerland, B.C.. A detractive feature of this selection is that it tends to have small fruit. Chinook will not generate large volumes of fruit on a per acre basis. It also has stem bowl russetting in some years, but whether this tendency occurs in all environments and whether it will lessen as the tree matures is unknown.

Fruit is small to medium-sized, skin is greenish-yellow with an 80-90% pink-red blush and small white lenticels. The colour is bright, distinctive and very attractive. The fruit is firm and has good flavour. Crisp, harder and juicier than Gala but not Fuji. Chinook had more intense aromatics than Fuji and was similar to Gala. It keeps its sweet-tart taste longer than Fuji or Gala. Picked one week after Red Delicious. Fruit is firm at harvest (17 lbs.) and stores for 6-7 months in air storage (0°C) and 7-9 months in CA.

Tree is moderately vigorous slightly less than Gala with flat branch angles. Tree is spreading, spurry, precocious, and productive. Tends to overset and must be thinned promptly and heavily to achieve adequate fruit size. Chinook is susceptible to necrotic leaf blotch and black rot under Ontario growing conditions.

1999 Apple Catalogue, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Summerland, B.C.

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Author: Original Author: Ken Wilson - formerly with OMAFRA; Reviewed by John Gardner - Apple Specialist/OMAFRA
Creation Date:
15 June 2001
Last Reviewed:
15 November 2005