New Apple Cultivars: Ginger Gold™

Ginger Gold Variety

Also known as Mountain Cove 509. Discovered as a chance seedling in a Winesap orchard in Virginia in 1980. Parentage is unknown as a result. Plant patent PP7063 (US) is owned by Adams County Nursery, Aspen, PA.

Fruit is medium to large, round to oblate, smooth and typey. Flavour is sweet, mildly tart. Fruit is a vibrant yellow when tree ripe, otherwise greenish golden with a slight red striped brush. Flesh is white to cream, slow to oxidize. Texture is crisp and firm, 18-19 lbs. at harvest. Harvest is the 3rd -4th week in August and has a wide harvest window. Fruit stores well for several weeks in air storage (0°C).

Tree is open spreading with medium to high vigour. Productive tree with willowy growth habit that is not particularly grower friendly. Tree is a diploid with extended bloom like Gala. Good pollination results possible with Empire and Delicious.

Very susceptible to mildew and highly susceptible to fire blight under Ontario growing conditions.

Dr. J. Cline, Cultivar Trials Report, Horticulture Experiment Station, Simcoe. 1999

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Author: Original Author: Ken Wilson - formerly with OMAFRA; Reviewed by John Gardner - Apple Specialist/OMAFRA
Creation Date:
15 June 2001
Last Reviewed:
15 November 2005