New Apple Cultivars: Honeycrisp™

New Apple Cultivars: Honeycrisp™

This cultivar was thought to be a cross between Macoun X Honeygold named by the University of Minnesota in 1992. It is now known that one parent was 'keepsake'.

The Honeycrisp™ scion is weak, annual, hardy and productive. The harvest season extends from 10 days before McIntosh to 5 days after. Unless budded onto a more vigorous rootstock, the 'Honeycrisp™' cultivar will produce a very weak-growing tree.

The fruit hangs well. 50-90% of the fruit is covered with a scarlet blush over a yellow background. The fruit is medium to large with a dull, dimpled surface and small conspicuous lenticels. Honeycrisp™ is very susceptible to disorders such as bitter pit, soft scald and low temperature break down.

This is an excellent dessert apple that commands premium prices at the wholesale and retail market level.

Honeycrisp™ should be thinned to 6 fruits per cm of trunk cross sectional area.

See Factsheet "Commercial Production of Honeycrisp™' Apples in Ontario, July, 2005 by J. Cline and J. Gardner.

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