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2013 Crop Protection Guide for Ginseng, Supplement to Publication 610, Production Recommendations for Ginseng - this supplement contains changes/additions/deletions to the 2009 edition of Publication 610 Production Recommendations for Ginseng.

2013 SUPPLEMENT, Guide to Fruit Production, Publication 360S - this supplement is an update to Guide to Fruit Production 2012- 2013, Publication 360; the supplement will be included with all paid book orders and can also be ordered separately free of charge.

Budgets de grandes cultures 2013, Publication 60F; please recycle former editions of this annual publication.

12-051: Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE), Agdex 572/751; replaces 00-001, which should be recycled.
12-052: Équation universelle des pertes en terre (USLÉ), Agdex 572/751 replaces 00-002, which should be recycled.

12-055: Farm Tile Drains and Tree Roots, Agdex 555; New.
12-056: Tuyaux de drainage souterrain et racines d'arbres, Agdex 555; New.

12-057: Target Weight Calculator for Heavy Hogs, Agdex 240; New.
12-059: Decommissioning On-Farm Biogas Systems, Agdex 769; New.

13-001: Animal Health - Botulism, Agdex 400/660; New.
13-003: Animal Health - Equine Herpesvirus, Agdex 400/660; New.
13-005: Animal Health - Hantavirus, Agdex 400/660; New.
13-007: Animal Health - Coxiellosis (Q Fever), Agdex 400/660; New.
13-009: Animal Health - Influenza, Agdex 400/660; New.

12-048: Du béton de qualité à la ferme, Agdex 715; replaces 06-024, which should be recycled.
12-050: Programmes et services à l'intention des agriculteurs ontariens, Agdex 871; replaces 11-042, which should be recycled.

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