Fruit Crop Protection Guides 2020, Publication 360A, 360B, 360C, 360D, 360E

Crop protection information is now available through the Ontario Crop Protection Hub.

This online application is replacing OMAFRA's PDF and print crop protection publications. The publications on this page will not be updated for the 2022 growing season. Please visit the Ontario Crop Protection Hub for the most recent crop protection information.

Publication 360 is now offered as 5 stand alone crop publications: 360A Apples, 360B Berries, 360C Grapes, 360D Tender Fruit and 360E Tree Nuts. These publications provide pest control information for the commercial production of fruit crops. Pest management guidelines are presented in a calendar format and some publications include information on integrated pest management, thinning of tree fruit, plant growth regulators and nematodes. Technical information on products is easy to look up in the many tables in this publication.

Cover Page Publication 360A

Publication 360A (PDF)

Cover Page Publication 360B

Publication 360B (PDF)

Cover Page Publication 360C

Publication 360C (PDF)

Cover Page Publication 360D

Publication 360D (PDF)

Cover Page Publication 360E

Publication 360E (PDF)

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Publications 360A, 360B, 360C, 360D and 360E, $10 each or $35 for all 5.

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