OMAFRA's Vegetable Crop Production Publications

Vegetable Production Recommendations (Pub. 363) has been replaced by The Vegetable Crop Protection Guide (Pub. 838) (currently available) and Ontario Field Vegetable Guide (Pub. 839) (expected to be released 2023). Publication 363 will remain available for purchase, at a reduced price ($5), to provide vegetable production information for Ontario vegetable crops until the new Ontario Field Vegetable Guide is available.

Vegetable Crop Protection Guide 2021 (Publication 838)

Crop protection information is now available through the Ontario Crop Protection Hub.

This online application is replacing OMAFRA's PDF and print crop protection publications. The publications on this page will not be updated for the 2022 growing season. Please visit the Ontario Crop Protection Hub for the most recent crop protection information.

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Vegetable Crop Protection Guide Pub 838

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OMAFRA's Vegetable Crop Protection Guide is the source of pest control information for commercial field vegetable production in Ontario. Easy-to-read tables provide information on pest control products for managing insects, diseases, and other pests of Ontario vegetable crops.

Features of the Vegetable Crop Protection Guide:

  • divided by crop, with updated tables listing pest control products for each crop
  • includes activity tables summarizing activity of the products on key pests
  • includes an updated IPM chapter

Ontario Field Vegetable Guide (Publication 839)

Ontario Field Vegetable Guide (Pub. 839)

The Ontario Field Vegetable Guide (Pub. 839) - expected to be released in 2023 - will contain detailed information on crop production, pests, and more. It will be a companion resource to the Ontario Vegetable Crop Protection Guide.

Vegetable Production Recommendations (Publication 363)

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Vegetable Production Recommendations

Important: Publication 363 has been replaced by OMAFRA's Vegetable Crop Protection Guide (Pub. 838) and the Ontario Field Vegetable Guide (Pub. 839 - expected to be released in 2023).

Publication 363 continues to be available, at the reduced price of $5, as a resource for vegetable production information, until the Ontario Field Vegetable Guide is available. Pest control guidelines contained in Publication 363 may be out of date. For up-to-date pest control information, please refer to the Vegetable Crop Protection Guide (Pub. 838), and any supplements that may be posted on this web page.

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