Processor Licence Application

Notice To All Processors Of Asparagus, Grapes, Potatoes Tender Fruit Or Vegetables

Application (HTML) (31 KB) For A Processor Licence

The Farm Products Marketing Commission wishes to inform processors of the Commission's process for licensing processors.

The criteria for licensing are as follows:

  1. Equipment for Processing
  2. Experience in Processing
  3. Compliance with all regulations, orders, marketing agreements and awards under the Farm Products Marketing Act.

Processor licences are normally issued for a five year term, this licence will continue unless the processor fails to comply with the licensing criteria, ceases operation, or there is a change in the ownership of the assets of the company. In the latter two cases, the existing licence must be surrendered, and the new operator must apply for a licence.

If there are indications that a processor is not in compliance with the licensing criteria, the licence can be reviewed at any time.

Upon receipt of your application, the designated marketing board will be asked to notify the Commission whether it has any objections to the licensing of the applicant based on the licensing criteria. If objections are received, a hearing will be held to consider whether a licence should be issued.

Please complete the application (HTML) for a licence and return by fax (519) 826-3400, scanned and sent to email, or by mail to the:

Farm Products Marketing Commission
Attn: Secretary to the Commission
5SW, 1 Stone Road West,
Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y2

We would remind you that processing without a licence is a contravention of the Farm Products Marketing Act and Regulations. Please contact the Commission at (519) 826-4220 if you anticipate any delay or experience difficulty in completing the application.

P.S. Les renseignements sont disponibles en Français sur demande.

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