Minister's Statement - Regulation 440

"Ontario's processing vegetable sector is an important economic driver for the province that supports the livelihoods of thousands of Ontarians and the communities they live in.

In August 2016, I issued a directive to the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission regarding proposed changes to the regulation which governs the marketing of vegetables for processing in Ontario "Regulation 440." At this time, I indicated that the Commission must consult with the sector and conduct a thorough economic analysis of industry competitiveness and opportunities for growth before any regulatory changes were made.

As a result of consultations and a third-party economic analysis, the Commission is proposing updates to Regulation 440 to help create more opportunities for growers and processors to work together for the benefit of the entire processing vegetable value chain.

Details are currently posted for public comment on the provincial regulatory registry for 60 days. As part of an open, collaborative and transparent process, I encourage all interested parties to provide their comments by Dec. 11, 2017.

The proposed regulation posted today (Oct. 12, 2017) is consistent with the broad objectives outlined in my directive and with our government's strong support of regulated marketing and are intended to contribute to new growth and innovation in the sector.

I would like to thank the Commission for its hard work and dedication to the continued growth of our farm and food sector. Together, we are continuing to create jobs, foster innovation and grow Ontario's vegetable processing sector."

– Jeff Leal, Ontario's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

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