Why export your food or beverage products from Ontario

Why do food companies choose to export from Ontario? There are many reasons, including:

Increase Sales and Profits

  • Expanding into international markets gives your company a chance to increase sales and profits through new contacts.
  • Despite the added costs of exporting, you can save costs by producing on a scale that makes better use of resources (economies of scale), leading to higher profit margins.

Gain Global Market Share

  • Companies can reduce dependence on existing domestic markets by expanding internationally.  Exporting also helps small companies grow and become more competitive in all their markets.

Stabilize Market Fluctuations

  • By expanding into foreign markets, companies are no longer held captive to economic changes, consumer demands, and seasonal fluctuations within the domestic economy.

Sell Excess Production Capacity

  • By exporting, production capacity and length of production may increase, thereby decreasing average per unit costs and increasing economies of scale.

Enhance Competitiveness

  • Trading in the global marketplace increases your exposure to international best practice, ideas and alternative ways of doing business - improving your chances of competing at home and overseas

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