About the Hearing Process

All hearings are conducted under the rules of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act. A person who is appointed as a Director or Deputy Director under the pertinent legislation will adjudicate your hearing. An Operations Liaison/Intelligence Officer represents the Ministry at most hearings.

If a hearing names you as a party to a hearing, you will receive a notice to appear before the Director. The notice will tell you:

  • the time and location of the hearing
  • the Act and regulation under which the hearing is held
  • the reasons that the hearing is being called

Report an offence

If you would like to report alleged illegal activity, or any food safety concerns, contact us at:

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(519) 826-4537 (secure line)


For general inquires or information, contact:
1 877 424-1300


What Powers Does the Director Have?

Under Ontario law, the Director may impose one or more of the following orders on the owner/operator of a licensed facility or operation depending on the Act:

  • Licence continues with conditions. Operations are allowed to continue with restricted activities. Or, corrective action must be taken within a set timeframe.
  • Detained or held product is disposed of.
  • Licence is suspended for a specified period of time, or until specified corrective action is taken. For abattoirs, suspension of a licence means that no slaughter can take place during this time. This equates to a loss of production during that period - in many cases, a substantial economic loss and a significant deterrent. A suspension of license for a free standing meat plant means from the date of suspension forward, the plant would not be allowed to process meat products including the packaging and distributing of products.
  • Licence is revoked. The facility closes;
  • Other orders that will bring a facility into compliance with Ontario law.

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For more information:
E-mail: regulatory.compliance@ontario.ca

Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 29 June 2011
Last Reviewed: 20 July 2011