Ontario Honeybee Queen, Nucleus and Colony Producers

Queen and Nuc Producers

The following is the list of beekeepers in Ontario with special permits to sell queens, nucleus colonies (nucs) or full sized colonies. Many sell directly to beekeepers, while some sell to bee supply companies. Each has a valid permit for this purpose. Queen and nuc producers are required to obtain a permit from the Ministry on an annual basis.

Download the list of Queen and Nuc Producers (MS Excel 16KB)


Beekeepers are encouraged to use Ontario resistant stock. One economical way to accomplish this is to buy queen cells from the producers and introduce these to nucleus hives that will mature for next year. The other way is to purchase breeder queens and produce your own queens from them. Every beekeeper should be raising his or her own queens and be developing his or her own stock wherever possible. If this does not fit into the management strategy of the operation then there are many queen producers that supply this resource. Young queens and well mated queens are also important in running strong populous honey bee colonies.

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Author: Wael Haddad - Apiary Data Coordinator/OMAFRA
Creation Date: 21 May 2014
Last Reviewed: 4 April 2019