Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal

In October 2017, the ministry launched the Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal, an online platform which provides beekeepers 24/7 access to bee-related services. The Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal allows beekeepers to:

  • Renew honey bee registrations (updated with changes to renewal frequency),
  • View the status of applications,
  • Apply for permits, and
  • View and download inspection reports and permits.

For previously registered beekeepers, enrolling in the Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal is a two-step process. To begin the process, visit the ONe-Key website at

  1. The first step involves creating a ONe-key account. ONe-key is the Ontario government's online access point for a variety of online services. For instructions on how to create a ONe-key account, please refer to the "Ask OMAFRA ONe-key Enrolment Guide."
  2. The second step is accessing the Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal, specifically with a unique Program Access Code (PAC) and Personal Identification Number (PIN). For instructions on how to access the Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal, please refer to the "Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal User Guide."

Please note that only previously registered beekeepers will receive a PAC and PIN and access to the Ask OMAFRA Bees Portal. New beekeepers are required to complete and submit a honey bee registration form by mail, fax or e-mail before they will be issued a PAC and PIN. If you are a previously registered beekeeper and have not received your PAC or PIN, please contact the Agricultural Information Contact Center by calling 1-877-424-1300 or by email at

For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300