Small Hive Beetle Quarantine Revoked in Southwestern Ontario

Effective March 14, 2019, the Chief Veterinarian for Ontario has revoked the small hive beetle quarantine that was in place for the county of Essex and the municipality of Chatham-Kent. The removal of the quarantine will allow beekeepers with colonies in the quarantine area to resume normal business and hive movement activities, subject to the requirements of the Bees Act.

In 2011, the Chief Veterinarian for Ontario established a quarantine area in southwestern Ontario under the Bees Act in an attempt to limit the spread of small hive beetle by restricting movement of colonies and equipment. The quarantine was successful in slowing the spread of the pest and allowing industry to adapt to its presence.

Since the quarantine was declared, Ontario beekeepers have learned to manage small hive beetle in their hives. The pest has been identified in different parts of Ontario and has also been found in five other Canadian provinces and all bordering states. The province has a multifaceted and collaborative approach in place with industry and researchers to mitigate the spread of small hive beetle, and beekeepers have management strategies in place. Small hive beetle does not pose a threat to human, livestock or poultry health. It is also not a food safety risk.

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