Licensing Information / Application Package

Thank you for your interest in becoming a provincially licensed meat plant in Ontario. The information provided below includes an application to become licensed as a meat plant in the province of Ontario. In addition to an application, all components (including freestanding meat plant (fsmp) business profile, abattoir business profile, and Statement of Compliance form) and documents for consideration are provided.

Anyone thinking about opening a meat plant should contact an OMAFRA Area Manager. OMAFRA Area Managers will work with you to advise on the licensing process. To reach an Area Manager to discuss licensing requirements, please page him or her at 1 866 395 8957 and ask for the individual by name. A list of Area Managers can be found below.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the components below:

Do You Operate a Provincial Meat Plant

Regulations for all provincial meat plant operators

Regulations for all provincial abattoirs

Meat Plant Guidelines

The Meat Plant Guidelines are a resource that has been developed to assist auditors in the assessment of a meat plant's compliance. They may assist owners and operators of meat plants in understanding how OMAFRA audits meat plants and the criteria against which they are audited.

Food Handler Training

Ontario Regulation 31/05 - Meat requires all employees of a meat plant to be trained and competent to perform their assigned duties and that there shall be at least one supervisor in attendance at the plant who has received formal training in hygienic food handling. The Food Hander Training Program for the food processing industry has crucial information to address your food safety needs.

The Ontario Independent Meat Processors (OIMP) and Conestoga College both provide training to ensure you and your staff have the skills and knowledge required to ensure safe food for your customers and ensures your management team has the commitment and leadership skills essential for a successful food safety program.

Regulator's Code of Practice

The Regulator's Code of Practice provides a consistent set of values, elements of professionalism and service principals for regulatory compliance staff to follow.

Meat Plant Audit Program

Statement of Compliance

Ontario Regulation 31/05 - Meat s.115 (1) states:Subject to subsection (2). the operator of a meat plant shall ensure that all meat products at a meat plant are labelled in accordance with this Part before they are shipped from the plant. O. Reg. 258/13, s.60.

Ontario Regulation 31/05 - Meat s.112 states: (3) No person other than an inspector or a person authorized by an inspector to apply an inspection legend shall apply an inspection legend to a meat product or to a label used in conjunction with a meat product. O. Reg 31/05, s. 112 (3). (4) No personal shall apply an inspection legend to a meat product or to a label required under this Part for a meat product except at the meat plant at which the meat product was processed or pacakged. O. Reg. 285/03, s. 58 (2)(5) No personal shall reproduce an inspection legend unless, (a) the person has the permission of a director; or (b) the person is an inspector or is a person who is authorized by an inspector to apply an inspection legend to a meat product or to a label used in conjunction with a meat product. O. Reg. 31/05, s. 112 (5)

As such, meat plant operators are required to complete a Statement of Compliance for Packaging Materials and Labels Bearing the Meat Inspection Legend form and submit to the Program Delivery Officer (PDO) at OMAFRA's Meat Inspection Program. The PDO will provide the operator with electronic versions of the legend with the plant's specific plant number.

Application for Licence to Operate a Meat Plant under the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001

Business Profile

It is important for the Meat Inspection Program to be completely aware of each portion of licensed meat plant operations in order to provide accurate and timely service. To ensure the meat inspection program has this information, each meat plant is required to complete a business profile. It is the responsibility of each meat plant operator to ensure that OMAFRA has up-to-date and accurate information of the activities at each plant.

Plans and Specification Requirements for Meat Plant

  • Info Sheet
  • Plans Review Submission Checklist

Meat Inspection Area Managers

OMAFRA area managers will gladly provide advisory services to prospective meat plant operators. To reach an area manager to discuss licensing requirements please page him or her at 1 866 395 8957 and ask for or call the individual at:

Area Mgr Kathryn Evans-Bitten 519-846-3412
Area Mgr Mark Mitchell 519-271-8278
Area Mgr Goce Manevski 905-562-1710
Area Mgr (A) Eric DeBoer 519-537-5646
Area Mgr Jeff Richards 519-259-9080
Area Mgr (A) Robin Drew 613-258-8329
Area Mgr (A) Ryan Baker 613-475-1772
Area Mgr Eloise Jones 705-725-7588
Area Mgr Alan Yee 416-235-4591
Area Mgr Ivona Jarosz 416-235-6690
Area Mgr Natasha Jordanovska 416-235-6585
Area Mgr Vicky French 705-594-2297


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