Federal/Provincial/Territorial Interprovincial Meat Trade Pilot Project

On December 6, 2010, the federal government announced the launch of the federal provincial-territorial interprovincial meat trade pilot project.

Ontario's meat plants are important to producers and to the provincial economy. That's why the Ontario government is working with the federal government to explore ways to make it easier for smaller meat plants to reach new markets.

This initiative is intended to help small- and medium-sized businesses meet federal meat hygiene rules for interprovincial trade. A limited number of pilots will be selected across Canada. Although only one or two Ontario provincially licensed meat plants will be selected as pilots, the pilot project results will help remove barriers to interprovincial trade and help plants interested in selling beyond Ontario's borders, no matter what their size.

The federal government is committing up to $3 million to the project. Provinces are looking at funding options for their contribution toward the pilot, and the pilot plants will be expected to fund part of the cost of the project.


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Author: OMAFRA Staff)
Creation Date: 01 December 2010
Last Reviewed: 17 May 2011