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Thinking about starting or expanding a food or beverage business in Ontario? The Business Development team is here to help you find the best opportunities that Ontario can offer. Our consultants support food processing, and bioproducts businesses. Find the contact for your sector or your area from the lists below.

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Find your sector consultant

Baking & Cereal & Milling Sectors
Athar Shah
(519) 826-3140

Beverages, Dairy, Minimally Processed Fruits & Vegetables
Mary Jane Quinn
(519) 826-3711

Confectionery, Snacks, Prepared Foods, Edible Oils and Ingredients
Marg MacDonald
(519) 826-4470

Processed Fruits & Vegetables
Kevin Montgomery
(519) 674-1693

Protein Foods & Condiments Sectors
Andrey Bolgov
(519) 826-4349

Wine Sector
Joe Turner
(226) 979-4383

Find your local area consultant

Kevin Montgomery
(519) 674-1693

Andrey Bolgov
(519) 826-4349

Yves Lavictoire
(613) 258-8985

Elaine Flook
(705) 324-1481

Joe Turner
(226) 979-4383

Owen Sound
John Schut
(519) 371-3134

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 31 January 2008
Last Reviewed: 09 August 2017