July 21, 2011

Keeping Our Water Clean

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is working to improve water quality along the southeast shore of Lake Huron by investing in three projects.

Huron County Clean Water Project

The Huron Clean Water Project will receive $20,000 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to assist property owners and community groups with stewardship projects to improve surface and ground water quality. Some project categories include erosion control measures, livestock fencing, wellhead protection, well decommissioning and manure storage. The program delivery is co-ordinated by the Ausable Bayfield and Maitland Valley Conservation Authorities.

Garvey/Glenn Watershed Project

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MCVA) will receive $70,000 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for soil erosion projects in the Garvey/Glenn Watershed Project, one of the key watersheds identified under the Southeast Shores Water Quality Initiative. Landowners in the watershed have identified storm water management and erosion control as priority issues and the MVCA is helping coordinate an effort to address these concerns. Examples of initiatives undertaken for this project include creating a series of erosion-control berms to hold water back after severe rain and constructing a series of wetlands to contain excess rainwater.

Sub-Watershed Plan for the Main Bayfield River

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority will receive $60,000 for the completion of a water management strategy for the Main Bayfield River watershed. Lake Huron provides the community of Bayfield with great swimming, boating and fishing opportunities. Through this initiative, the Government of Ontario is working to reduce the nutrient, sediment and bacterial pollution that can sometimes limit both the human uses and the ecological integrity of Lake Huron and the Bayfield River. The main Bayfield River Watershed Plan will document the current conditions within the sub-watersheds and listen to the community about local issues and different approaches to environmental protection and enhancement.

For more information:

Melissa Zanette, Minister's Office, 416-326-3071
Susan Murray, Communications Branch, 519-826-3145

Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 21 July 2011
Last Reviewed: 21 July 2011