Agriculture Operations Inventory

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  1. Background
  2. Objective
  3. Current Coverage
  4. Application
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The Agricultural Operation Inventory provides farm and land use information such as fields, farmsteads, fencerows and ditches. Detailed information such as crop type, row direction, ditch and farmstead locations, livestock raised, irrigation and tillage method use assists with environmental modeling and agricultural land use decisions. A sample of Agricultural Land Information and its descriptions is shown below in figure 1.

To download and view the data, please visit the Agricultural Atlas page of OMAFRA's Geographic Information Portal.

Map of land uses.

Figure 1. Map of Land Uses.


OMAFRA used a combination of field observations, surveys, remote sensing and aerial imagery to create the feature class. The Agriculture Operations Inventory can also be integrated with land use datasets from other ministries to form a comprehensive land use system.

Current Coverage

The coverage of the layer is focused around Southwestern and South Central Ontario (Figure 2 below provides the coverage area). As additional data is made available, more agricultural areas will be added. Check back often for the most up-to-date information.

The coverage as of January 2011 is shown in Figure 2.

Agriculture Operation Inventory coverage.

Figure 2. Agriculture Operation Inventory coverage.


The layer can be integrated with other land use layers such the wooded areas and the built-up areas. The layer can also be used for modeling to support environmental farm programs. It provides planners with an accurate rural land use layer.

Download Data

Please visit the Land Information Ontario (LIO) website to download the Agriculture Operation Inventory data class.

To view the data please visit the Agricultural Information Atlas page of OMAFRA's Geographic Information Portal.

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