How Many Nutrient Units Do I Have?
Dairy Operations

If you own a dairy operation, Ontario Regulation 267/03 under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002 applies to you if your operation generates 300 or more nutrient units (NU) annually. It also applies to you if your operation generates more than five (5) NU annually and you:

  • apply for a building permit* to build any structure that is used to house livestock or to store manure; or
  • construct an earthen manure storage.

If you own a dairy operation and keep no other livestock on your farm, you can use the following chart to easily determine the nutrient units for your farm operation.

Determine Total Nutrient Units for Your Farm

Type of Dairy Operation

# of Animals

NU Conversion Factor

Divide # of Animals by NU Conversion Factor

Large Frame
(e.g., Holstein)

545-636 kilograms (1,200-1,400 pounds)

0.7 animals/NU

182-545 kilograms (400-1,200 pounds)

2 animals/NU

45-182 kilograms (100-400 pounds)

6 animals/NU

Medium Frame
(e.g., Guernsey)

455-545 kilograms (1,000-1,200 pounds)

0.85 animals/NU

148-455 kilograms (325-1,000 pounds)

2.4 animals/NU

39-148 kilograms (85-325 pounds)

7 animals/NU

Small Frame
(e.g., Jersey)

364-455 kilograms (800-1,000 pounds)

1 animal/NU

125-364 kilograms (275-800 pounds)

2.9 animals/NU

30-125 kilograms (65-275 pounds)

8.5 animals/NU

 Total Nutrient Units on Farm

* O. Reg. 267/03 also applies to those operations that would require a building permit under the Building Code Act, 1992 but are exempt from having to obtain a permit under the application of clause (b) of Division C of the building code made under that Act.

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