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Estimate the Cost of Producing Fat

Instructions: Using information from a settlement statement, choose two example carcasses of similar carcass weight, one with a high estimated lean yield (ELY), and one with a lower ELY. Fill in the fields in the Carcass Information table below and click on 'Calculate' to compare the impact of carcass composition on feed requirements for the two pigs. For a detailed explanation, see the associated article "Comparing Carcass Value" (link below).

Keep in mind that this is an example calculation based on two hogs and the results cannot be extrapolated to an entire herd since the carcasses chosen may represent extreme conditions. In future we plan to provide an Excel template that will analyse variability etc. for groups of hogs.

Carcass Information
ELY of high lean yield carcass: (%)
ELY of low lean yield carcass: (%)
Carcass weight of low lean yield carcass: (kg)
Finisher feed cost: ($/tonne)

Calculation of Difference
Percent extra fat on low lean yield carcass (%):
Estimated extra fat on low lean yield carcass (kg):

Estimation of Extra Feed Required
Estimated feed required for production of 1 kg fat (kg)*:
Estimated feed required for production of 1 kg lean (kg)*:
Difference (kg of feed):
Feed used to produce the extra fat (kg):
Cost of extra feed to produce the low lean yield carcass ($):
(This is additional to the costs associated with reduced carcass value of the lower lean yield carcass..)

For help interpreting the results, please follow the link to the article "Comparing Carcass Value" in the "related links" section.

*These are based on published values, but can be changed. Use the "Calculate" button to see results.

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