Growing the Agri-Food Sector in Northern Ontario

The Growth Plan for Northern Ontario - an Overview

The Growth Plan for Northern Ontario (released in 2011) is a strategic framework that will guide decision-making and investment planning in Northern Ontario over 25 years (to 2036). The Plan focuses on ways to leverage economic, social and natural capital more strategically, and on approaches to attract a wider range of opportunities to the North. It is a plan to stimulate growth by creating a diversified northern economy, stronger communities, a healthy environment and a skilled, adaptive and innovative workforce.


Northern Ontario Agriculture, and Food Processing Sector Strategy


Northern Livestock Pilot


Discover Northern Ontario

The North - Opportunities

Northern Ontario is primed for growing the agriculture sector. The opportunities are endless.

The North - You're not alone

OMAFRA has Agriculture Development Advisors in every district in northern Ontario. See how they can help you grow your business.


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Creation Date: 13 July 2016
Last Reviewed: 09 January 2018