Learn More About Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT)

This page contains links to other useful information about knowledge translation and transfer (or KTT).


  • Related terms - see a list of terms that refer to KTT activities
  • KTT Best Practices - want to maximize your KTT success? Here are seven ways to do that.
  • KTT Model - understand KTT better by looking at this model of KTT and the process of knowledge flow
  • Knowledge Broker role - learn who can be a knowledge broker and how they moderate between research and research user
  • KTT Resources - learn from KTT tools and techniques used by others. Visit research links and more

More Information

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Author: Elin Gwyn, Research Analyst, Knowledge Management/RIB
Creation Date: 1 February 2010
Last Reviewed: 20 November 2013