Research Programs


OMAFRA currently invests over 60 million annually in research and innovation through a number of programs in the following seven theme areas:

  • Agricultural and Rural Policy
  • Bioeconomy-Industrial Uses
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Food for Health
  • Product Development and Enhancement Through Value Chains
  • Production Systems - Animals and Plants

This funding supports eight, theme-based research programs under the OMAFRA-University of Guelph Partnership and the related infrastructure (three agricultural colleges campuses and 14 research stations) helps build core capacity in agri-food research.

Open, competitive programs such as Food Safety and New Directions address various combinations of the above theme areas and address emerging issues and shorter term priorities.

Program Funding Opportunities

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Food Safety Research Program

  • addresses the food safety component of the Emergency Management research theme by supporting new method development, risk assessment and methods of mitigating those risks
  • 2016-17 Call for Letters of Intent now closed
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OMAFRA-University of Guelph Partnership Research Programs

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New Directions Research Program

  • flexible program aimed at creating new and alternative products and technologies and solutions to support the agri-food industry and help it expand into new markets at home and abroad
  • this program is not accepting applications at this time
  • 2015-16 Call for Letters of Intent now closed
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2014-15 Quebec-Ontario Cooperation for Agri-Food Research Competition

  • joint research competition on research topics of mutual interest to both provinces related to pest management and water management
  • 2014-15 Call for Proposals now closed

How to Apply

Programs No Longer Issuing Calls

The following research programs are no longer issuing Calls for proposals. Click on the links provided to find out about their funded projects:

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Author: Daphne Tot- Research Analyst-Corporate Projects/RIB
Creation Date: 08 April 2009
Last Reviewed: 22 September 2015