OMAFRA's Community Economic Development Tools and Programs

This video discusses the ongoing importance of community economic development and the significance of creating strategies as a group or team that will essentially generate long term results in both community and economic success.

Economic Development Programs and Tools Build Capacity in Rural Ontario

This video defines and examines the concept of capacity building and the significant role it plays in determining the potential for an economy to grow and succeed.

BR+E Helps Create Jobs and Opportunity in Perth County

This video looks at the process of conducting a BR+E project in Perth County and the importance it had in identifying the economic development priorities in the community.

CIRRO Supports Workforce Development in Brockville's IT Sector

This video introduces a new immigrant retention program in Brockville aimed at developing a strategy to attract immigrants to the community and to eventually sustain a sense of community growth.

FICE Helps Build Economic Development Strategies in Minto

This video looks at the impact that First Impressions had on the town of Minto and how Minto was able to use the information given to them to build a good economic development program within their community.

Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 27 April 2011
Last Reviewed: 27 April 2011