2016 Rural Ontario Summit a tremendous success

More than 235 people from 50 communities gathered in Stratford to discuss the future of rural Ontario

By all accounts, June 29th, 2016 was quite a day.

That was the day youth, municipal and business leaders, entrepreneurs, community organizations as well as representatives from indigenous communities gathered at the rural summit to discuss one of the most important issues facing rural communities: attracting and retaining youth to rural Ontario.

The Rural Ontario Summit proved so successful, that it trended number 3 in Canada on social media throughout the day. In fact, 89 per cent of all rural summit survey participants agreed that the summit was an informative, engaging and effective event.

Themed "Building the Future," the summit featured a mix of informative and engaging speakers and interactive sessions. Attendees collaborated and shared ideas and experiences with engaged policy-makers to generate ideas to help improve the future for youth in rural Ontario.

The summit focused on four key areas affecting youth in rural Ontario:

  • Opportunities for education and training;
  • Creating jobs and supporting entrepreneurship;
  • Building strong social infrastructure;
  • Engaging youth in civic leadership.

As a result of the summit, Ontario will publish a Rural Ontario Summit report which will include the ideas, feedback and best practices identified at the summit. Through the report, the province will identify ways for communities to take action on youth retention and attraction in rural Ontario.

Ontario also plans to create a one-window website to assist rural Ontarians in accessing important government resources.

In addition, we'll be holding a third Rural Ontario Summit in 2018. We'll be sharing news on the focus for the next summit as we progress through the planning stages and hope that you remain engaged in the conversation on strengthening rural Ontario.

Please visit our website again for more information on the summit report, new one-window website and the focus of the next Rural Ontario Summit.

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 06 October 2016
Last Reviewed: 06 October 2016