Research and Innovation Service Standards

Our Mandate

The Research and Innovation Branch (RIB) is responsible for coordinating, funding, priority setting, and administering agri-food research and programs under the OMAFRA/University of Guelph Agreement and our open research programs (e.g. New Directions and Food Safety).

Our Services

Our service standards relate to our research programs.

Service Standards

  • Research program administration milestones will be met according to the published timelines (calls launched, approvals obtained, decision communicated, etc).

Results for 2017-18

Service Standard Target (%) Actual (%)
All submitted applications will be processed (peer reviewed, panel reviewed, approvals obtained, comments drafted) and applicants notified of decisions within 80 business days of submission deadline as per the published program timelines. 90 100


We want to provide the best service that we can and your feedback helps us to improve. If you have comments, questions or concerns about our service we encourage you to let us know.

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