Economic Indicators

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GDP, Sales and Employment, Agri-food Industries, Ontario 2007-2013 (excel)
GDP for Ontario Economy, 2007-2013 (excel)
GDP for Agri-Food Industries, Ontario, 2007-2013 (excel)
GDP for Goods-Producing Industries, Ontario, 2007-2013 (excel)
GDP by Manufacturing Industries, Ontario, 2007-2013 (excel)

Employment in Selected Agri-food Industries, Ontario, 2007-2013 (excel)

Labour Productivity , Agri-food, Canada, Ontario 2002-2011 (pdf)
Consumer Price Index, Ontario 1979-2013 (excel)

Food and Beverage

Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry Manufacturing Statistics, Ontario
2004 -2012 (excel)
Food Store and Foodservice Industry Sales, Ontario and Canada
Per Capita Disappearance of Selected Fruits and Vegetables, Canada
Per Capita Disappearance of Selected Foods, Canada