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Information appearing in the Statistics area of the OMAFRA web site are compiled by the Statistics and Economics staff, to serve as the source of agriculture and food statistics for the province of Ontario. Data are prepared primarily by Statistics and Economics staff, in co-operation with the Agriculture Division of Statistics Canada and various government departments and farm marketing boards.

Data appearing here are derived from three major sources. First, most agriculture production statistics are collected from telephone, mail-in and enumerative surveys of farmers, with additional information supplied by government field officers, agribusiness personnel, and farm marketing boards. The second source is the Census of Agriculture which is conducted every five years. The Census serves as a "benchmark" for livestock inventory and crop area estimates as well as supplying a wealth of information on many other aspects of agriculture in this province (e.g. land use, farm types, value of sales). The third source of statistics is commonly termed administrative data. These data consist of complete or nearly complete counts of items such as exports, imports, and marketings of inspected or controlled commodities.

Symbols and abbreviations

The following standard symbols and abbreviations are used in the statistical tables:

Figures not available.
Figures not appropriate or applicable.
Nil or zero.
Amount too small to be expressed.
Data suppressed due to confidentiality restrictions

More Information

Questions, comments, or requests for additional information should be directed to the statistician responsible for the compilation of the table. To e-mail the statistician please click on their name.

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Dairy Industry Statistics, Field Crop Statistics, Livestock Statistics

Written enquiries may be addressed to:

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