Agricultural Biomass for Combustion Energy

Agricultural Biomass for Combustion Energy

Project to Commercialize Agricultural Biomass for Combustion Energy

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About the Steering Committee

The Ontario government has committed to eliminate coal-fired power generation at Ontario Power Generation (OPG) facilities by the end of 2014. OPG and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MEI), are coordinating analysis of the feasibility of a commercial agricultural biomass industry for the production of combustion energy in Ontario.

The project is being led by a Steering Committee representing a cross section of agriculture, industry, academic and government experts. Under their direction, the project is examining the role agricultural biomass might have in producing power and heat to help reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, to help meet Ontario's climate change commitments and to help meet renewable energy targets. They are also tackling the gaps in research, economic analysis and infrastructure development that need to be addressed prior to government decisions about fostering the development of this industry.

Three working groups composed of people in the forefront of this emerging industry, have been established to share their expertise and advice with the Steering Committee.

  1. The Business Case Working Group is looking at whether a business case can be made at each step in the value chain.
  2. The Technical Working Group is addressing agronomic, infrastructure and combustion challenges.
  3. The Environmental Sustainability Working Group is focused on environmental sustainability and development of a sustainability certification system.

Working Group Reports

Working Group reports to the Steering Committee summarize their activities, significant findings and outstanding priorities.

Terms of Reference

Biomass Forums

Funding for Biomass Research and Development

Ontario Research Completed or Underway

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