Open Government @ OMAFRA

Ontario's Open Government initiative will open up more data and information and give the people of Ontario new and improved ways to engage in the decision-making process and the development of policy. It will increase openness, transparency and accountability, and boost innovation and economic productivity.

At OMAFRA, we strive to be a global leader unleasing the potential of Ontario's rural, agriculture and food systems.

The core principles of Open Government - collaboration, transparency and accountability - are fundamental to the way we do our work and how we deliver on our priorities of:

  • supporting the growth of the agri-food sector;
  • ensuring the sustainability of agriculture;
  • providing business support to producers;
  • exploring opportunities to expand agriculture in the North; and
  • helping to foster vibrant rural economies.

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For more information on Ontario's Open Government Initiative, please visit Open Government.

Agency accountability

Information on accountability for provincial agencies.


Under the Agencies and Appointments Directive and the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive, provincial agencies are required to post their governance documents. These include business plans, annual reports and expense information for designated individuals.

Individuals at provincial agencies can claim and be reimbursed for necessary travel, meal and hospitality expenses they pay for during the course of ordinary work. They need to follow strict rules, outlining what can be repaid with public funds and what maximum amounts can be claimed.

All claims must include original receipts.

Rules, laws and directives for provincial agencies

View agency governance documents and expense information

You can view governance documents and expense information of designated individuals for the following provincial agencies:

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