Livestock Medicines Advisory Committee (LMAC)

Address: 3rd Floor NE 1 Stone Road West Guelph Ont. N1G 4Y2

Tel.: (519) 826-4110

Fax: (519) 826-3254


The Board has the following duties:

  1. to review all legislation and regulations pertaining to livestock medicines;
  2. to inquire into and report back to the minister on any matter referred to it by the minister;
  3. to advise the minister on matters relating to the control and regulation of livestock medicines;
  4. to evaluate and recommend procedures relating to the sale of livestock medicines;
  5. to evaluate and recommend procedures relating to the sale of livestock medicines and the proper standards for their maintenance, handling and storage;
  6. to make recommendations respecting the designation of drugs or classes of drugs as livestock medicines for sale under a licence or any class of licence. Approximately 535 outlets are regulated.


Members are appointed by the Minister and are chosen as follows: (a) one member representing the Minister of Agriculture and Food; (b) one member representing the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care; (c) one member representing Health Canada; (d) one member representing the Ontario College of Pharmacists; (e) one member representing the College of Veterinarians of Ontario; (f) one member representing the Ontario Division of the Canadian Feed Manufacturers Association; (g) one member representing the Ontario Fur Breeders Association; (h) one member representing poultry producers; (i) two members representing owners of livestock other than poultry; (j) and such other members as the minister considers necessary or advisable. The Minister appoints a chair and a vice-chair from among the members.

Term: Members are appointed for a term of up to 3 years and are eligible for reappointment.

For a full list of current membership please refer to the Public Appointment Secretariat's (PAS) website.

Meetings: The committee meets annually.


The government recently announced a number of initiatives supporting the Premier's commitment to Open Government by promoting greater transparency in classified agencies. Beginning April 1, 2015, expense information for classified agencies must be posted.

  • Expense Claims: To date, appointees and designated persons of the Livestock Medicines Advisory Committee (LMAC) have not incurred any travel, meal or hospitality expenses.