Northern Livestock Pilot: Growing the Northern Economy

Working together with the Beef Farmers of Ontario, Indigenous communities, Northeast Ontario municipalities and other groups, Ontario is strengthening opportunities to grow the livestock sector in Northern Ontario.

The Northern Livestock Pilot Action Plan is a commitment of the provincial government, together with the Beef Farmers of Ontario and Northeastern Ontario municipalities, to achieve sustainable environmental, social, and economic expansion of the livestock sector in Northern Ontario.

To guide the Pilot's progress and success, a Steering Committee will be formed with representatives from Indigenous communities, the livestock sector, the provincial government and Northeastern Ontario municipalities.

The Steering Committee will oversee and align the implementation of commitments set out in the Action Plan, provide a forum for collaboration and information sharing.

The Northern Livestock Pilot will help expand opportunities for sustainable livestock farming in Northern Ontario by:

  • Investing in new research to understand the social, environmental and economic aspects of Northern livestock expansion and to identify best practices.
  • Providing education and information resources for people interested in farming in Northern Ontario.
  • Developing pilot sites to:
    • Promote livestock expansion in the area (Great Clay Belt area) using a low-density pasture based farming system.
    • Demonstrate new and innovative best management and production practices, specific to the north that supports environmental, social and economic sustainability.
    • Conduct applied research and demonstrations to understand any impacts and improve practices in a Northern Ontario setting.
    • Create opportunities for mentorship and skills development.

Read more about the activities and commitments of Ontario's Northern Livestock Pilot Action Plan.

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